Family and Consumer Sciences

Family & Consumer Sciences

FACS courses prepare students for the work required in family life and careers based on family and consumer sciences skills.  Courses are part of the elective offerings and are open to all.

Child Development

Learn about the growth and development of young children and build a base of knowledge that can be applied toward further education and a career in the child care industry.  Students on the track for Early Childhood Completer  will serve an internship or participate in Work-Based Learning.

Fashion Design

Design and make clothing and accessories while learning sewing techniques.  Advanced course work includes Computer Assisted Fashion Design and the Business of Fashion A & B, for an introduction to fashion industry cycles and how the industry works.


Study the art and science of Nutrition while learning cooking techniques and the role of food in life and its affect on human psychology and sociology.  Upon completion of Art/Science of Nutrition A & B, and pass the final exam with a “C” or better, may be eligible to earn articulated credit in the Dietetics Program at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

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Family & Consumer Sciences Course Offerings 2014/2015

Culinary Skills & Hospitality Management

The purpose of Culinary Skills and Hospitality Management  is to prepare students for further study in the foodservice/hospitality industry and prepares students with the skills and knowledge they will need for success in the foodservice/hospitality industry.

On the job training along with classroom instruction enable students to experience all aspects of operating and managing a foodservice establishment and also helps students build good business and management skills.  Through ProStart, a partnership is created between the school and local restaurants to provide job relevant education.

Starting with the 2012/13 school year, Culinary Skills and Hospitality Management 1 & 2 and Art & Science of Nutrition A & B will be offered as honors courses.

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