Computer Science

Are you interested in a career in computer science, engineering or programming languages?  South River High School offers a number of courses designed to advance that interest and can lead to certification in Oracle.  You can select from:

Visual Basic I – Learn the basics of programming, including variables, constants, selection and repetition structures with an emphasis on the actual development of code that is basic to computer language.  Requires completion of Algebra I

Computer Science Programming / Java - A rigorous programming introduction to the object-oriented computer language of Java.  Study algorithm analysis and steps in design, implementation, test and maintenance of a program.  Requires completion of Algebra I and Geometry

AP Computer Science A – College-level course in the study of computer language (Java), programming practices and procedures.  Topics include input, output, flow control, data structures, and search/sort algorithms.  Requires completion of Algebra II

C++ Gaming – Advanced computer programming with hands on experience in game development language.  Includes software design/development standards.  Requires AP Computer Science

Oracle Academy

Database Design and Programming (SQL) – Foundation for understanding relational databases and designs.  Develop proficiency with business analysis and query language (SQL).  First step to Oracle 9i SQL Certification.  Requires Visual Basic I and acceptance into Oracle Academy

Database Application Development (PL/SQL) – Create PL/SQL blocks of application that can be shared by multiple forms, reports and data management applications.  Develop on-line database applications using an on-line development environment (HTML-DB).  Successful completion of both Database courses, and associated certification exam, earns Oracle Certified Associate status.  Requires completion of DD&P(SQL)

For more information, contact Mrs Williamsen.

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