Cranes for Cancer

There is a Japanese legend that promises if 1000 cranes are made, then a wish will be granted.  The Cranes for Cancer Club will make 1000 origami cranes for cancer patients to give them a wish.  The club members will also be creating care baskets, filled with fun drawings, photo, and activities to give away.

Calli Yancey initiated the creation of the SRHS Cranes for Cancer at the suggestion of the Communications Director for the C4C at Broadneck High School.  That club got its start with the cancer diagnosis of a friend, when a few students got together to create paper cranes to bring the patient a wish.  Calli was inspired start a club to do the same for those stricken with cancer, not just in the South River community, but for others who are suffering from the disease and need a spiritual lift.

The primary goal of the Cranes for Cancer club is to help patients hospitalized for cancer treatment to remember that there are people who care, who worry for them and love them.  Help spread more thoughtfulness and love to those who need it.

For more information on the Cranes for Cancer Club, contact Ms Pierre, club sponsor, at

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