SRHS Signature Program FAQ

Global Communications and Public Affairs Signature:

  • Is a theme that is unique to our high school, reflecting the interests and values of the community.
  • It will provide opportunities for all students.
  • Offers opportunities for students to explore the careers, activities, and importance of the fields of Global Communications and Public Affairs.
  • Includes pathways to future opportunities: technical & community colleges and four-year universities. Dual credit opportunities with institutions of higher education may be available

Advantages for Students Who Participate in Signature Opportunities

Students involved in the Global Communications and Public Affairs Signature Program activities will complete high school highly qualified for both the workforce and higher education experiences. Many Signature students may complete high school with an additional technical certificate or college credit. Students will develop skills to help them in their futures: leadership, interviewing, techniques, communication, timeliness, business etiquette, and collaboration. Students will develop resumes and portfolios to help them compete for selective opportunities.

Business and Community Leaders

  • Participate in workforce-relevant educational activities;
  • Work with educators to develop  curriculum that prepares students for 21st century workplace;
  • Educate students about skills and qualifications necessary to succeed in a given field.

Volunteer and connect to:

  • Help make a difference in the lives of all students in South River High School;
  • Share your expertise and skills with students and teachers;
  • Work closely with educators to help create a unique educational opportunities for all students in the fields of Global Communications and Public Affairs.

The Integrated Community Stakeholder Team (ICST)

The ICST is led by a steering committee of community members, called the Integrated Community Stakeholder Team (ICST). The school’s Signature Program Facilitator (SPF) also is a member. The ICST designs, implements, and continuously evaluates our Signature Program: “Global Communications and Public Affairs.” The ICST identifies special projects and subcommittee work, securing participants for these specialized short-term projects.

Six individuals from each sector of the community form the leadership of the ICST:

  • business and industry
  • healthcare
  • education
  • community services
  • media and communication
  • government

If you are interested in participating in the development of our Signature Program,  please contact Linda Lamon our Signature Program Facilitator at 410-956-5600, ext. 289 or

SRHS GCPA White Paper 2012

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