Health Room

South River High School is staffed by a full-time Registered Nurse and two Health Assistants. Health assistants are qualified to give medication and administer first aid as needed to our students. As a general rule, the health room should be used for the following reasons:

  • medication administration
  • special procedures based on students’ individual medical needs
  • injuries
  • illnesses which include symptoms such as fever, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, severe headache
  • rashes or other skin conditions


Attention:  New Immunization Requirements for All Students

The Maryland Department of Health Immunization Services requires that all students entering an Anne Arundel County Public School have not less than 2 doses of the Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR) vaccine.

School nurses are currently reviewing student records for compliance with this directive.  Anyone whose record indicates that only one dose was administered of the combined vaccine or of any of the individual components must provide an updated immunization record from the physicians office or proof that the second dose was administered PRIOR TO THE START OF SCHOOL ON AUGUST 26.

Students who have not met the minimum requirements for immunization against Measles, Mumps or Rubella WILL NOT BE PERMITTED  TO ATTEND SCHOOL on or after August 26, 2013.

New students to the Anne Arundel County Public School System must be in compliance with all requirements for immunization.  PROOF MUST BE PROVIDED AT THE TIME OF ENROLLMENT.  No student will be permitted to complete the enrollment process or attend school until proof of immunization has been provided and reviewed for compliance.

For additional information on immunizations, click HERE.

Letter from the SRHS Health Room
No Shots – No School Flier with Clinic Information (english version)
No Shots – No School with Clinic Information (spanish version)
Maryland Department of Health Flier (english version)
Maryland Department of Health Flier (spanish version)
MD Dept of Health Immunizations Services Website

Medication: My child needs to take Medication at School.

What procedures do I need to follow?

Students are permitted to take medication at school ONLY when it is deemed absolutely necessary and only under the supervision of school health staff. A form titled, Parent’s Request to Administer Medication at School must be on file for each medication. No medication can be accepted by health services personnel or allowed to be self-administered under the supervision of health staff without the receipt of the appropriate medication authorization form completed by the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) and authorized prescriber in its entirety without deletion or alteration. For the safety of students, school health services reserves the right to refuse to accept, administer, or supervise self-administration of any medication if these procedures are not followed.

Download the Parent’s Request to Administer Medication at School in (Adobe PDF format)

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