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Connecting People to Resources

The Anne Arundel County Systems of Care is a multi-tiered approach to providing individualized information and support to connect children, youth and their families to appropriate resources in the community.

 The first tier is infoAnneArundel; a community website comprised of local resources, which is a  collaborative effort of public and private agencies to provide detailed information about health, education and human service resources throughout Anne Arundel County, MD. It is our goal to link individuals and families with services that can help.

 The second tier is the Information and Referral Phone Line.  A staffed phone line provides personal assistance to individuals seeking local resources.

 The third tier of the Systems of Care is CRICT:  Community Resource Initiative Care Team.  CRICT is a forum staffed by representatives from local family-serving agencies who work with families with multiple needs to develop an Individual Family Action Plan and to help them connect to community-based resources and services.

 All services provided by the Anne Arundel County Systems of Care are free, confidential, and available to all Anne Arundel County residents.

Three Ways to Find Help: SEARCH, CALL or CONNECT

  • SEARCH www.infoannearundel.org
  • CALL 1-800-485-0041 Information & Referral Phone Line
  • CONNECT to Family Navigation & the Community Resource Initiative Care Team (CRICT)

InfoAnneArundel flyer

for more on the Anne Arundel County Systems of Care, visit www.infoannearundel.org



For More Information Visit the NIAAA website.

NIAAA Parent Information Sheet in pdf format


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